Disclaimer & Copyrights

I’ve come to realize that we live in a society filled with litigation-happy peoples and that blogging actually has a few laws the author should abide by to cover their behinds.  So, below is my butt-cover.


I am unpaid for my posts which wordpress hosts for free (thank you, some day I promise I’ll upgrade to paid just because you deserve it).  Everything I talk about is my honest opinion, but only my honest opinion and should never be taken as official advice of any kind.  I cannot be held responsible for the actions and decisions of others based off of something they read here.

All of my images are taken by myself or my family unless otherwise stated.  Those not covered by fair use and/or used without direct permission were gathered from Flickr’s Creative Commons which requires only that credit be given, or Deviant Art from artists that expressly allow the use in their description or somewhere on their profile.  If you spot your work and do not approve, by all means contact me by email:  Musesings at yahoo dot com with the subject line “Please take my work off your site.”  In the body of the email, identify the particular work in question and link me your sharing profiles so I can avoid blogging with your work in the future.  Also, if your email name does not match up with emails on your profile(s), I may require further proof it’s you and not a troll trying to mess with one or both of us.  In turn, if you feel my source stole your original image, please notify me immediately.  I do not support stolen images and you can find the thief easily by referring to the source I link for each one.  I try to be very careful about how I share and credit and do not do so maliciously.  I apologize in advance if I’ve given you a visual shout-out on my blog that upsets you.

I reserve the right to delete anything I disagree with or deem as trolling or otherwise offensive.  I want my site to remain a nice place to visit and interact with readers on.  While I won’t delete comments that disagree with something I said, I reserve the right to edit out or entirely delete offensive material.  We can disagree without personal attacks.

I also reserve the rights to all of my material including derivatives of things found on this site (except for when I don’t own them, those rights are reserved by their stated creator) from fanfiction ideas with my writing and characters (Hey, I can dream, can’t I?) to modifications made to my images.  None of these things may be done with my content without express permission from me directly.  I’m friendly to talk to and reasonable.  While I may not look at your modifications, I reserve the right to refuse and enforce their removal from the public platform if I find them offensive, malicious, or otherwise objectionable (I also have an open mind).

I welcome links to my articles and various writings, but require that permission be granted directly by me before posting large portions of my work, paraphrased or otherwise.  I also require that credit be given where credit is due.

I cannot be held responsible for the comments made by visitors to my site.  I try to maintain a clean comment board, but the opinions expressed by others are their opinions and I cannot be held responsible, nor liable for them.  If you comment with stolen or criminal content, it will be deleted and all information I have about you will be handed over to the authorities upon request.


As a free site on wordpress, all privacy and confidentiality information for this site falls under theirs.  The site automatically gathers basic data, when available, about location and IP address, more from commenters.  I will never personally sell or publicly reveal your data.  It is only used in site statistics (which may be revealed on the whole without violating individual anonymity).  However, be forewarned that you are responsible for the amount of privacy you forgo by posting and sharing information in comments.  I am not liable for safety problems arising from your comments (but I will delete them if I feel the risk is great or concerning a third party).

Writing & content © 2002-2012 Laura (“Saronai”) Kent (unless otherwise stated)

Art © by Holly Bell. Personally commissioned for Saronai. All rights reserved. Not for outside, unapproved use by others.

Arrangement and photoshop of background and banner by Saronai makes heavy use of free stock by At-Stock with a wordpress free theme as a basis.


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