Just a feather who yearns to fly in the wind…

Saronai the elf

No, I’m not chowing down on a small burger.  I’m playing a pendant ocarina (as opposed to Link’s sweet potatoe variety, both are a type of clay flute).  I can only play one song so far, learned by ear–“Toki no Kioku” or, translated, “Memory of Time.”

First of all, the origin of Saronai, which is not my given name. Though it looks like an Asian name, and is even an instrument from the Philippine islands, I had not yet been introduced knowingly to anime (definitely not subtitled), Asian culture, nor that instrument when I made it up. When I was about fourteen, my cousin David came to spend the summer with us in Southern Illinois. We lived in a hot, unshaded, no AC trailer in the middle of nowhere, several hours walking without shade before you got to town or any businesses.

Part of our night-time entertainment came from creating our own language together to use in the stories we were creating with our usual ensemble cast of Barbies, GI Joes, Aliens, Predators, and more. We made up a few body language gestures and some general pronunciation rules and such too. We also made up names for ourselves. He chose Natatai (Nuh-tah-tay), and I chose Saronai (Said-oh-nay). My little brother even got involved at this point and chose Ota (Oo-tah). I am not sure what their names meant, but I didn’t assign a specific meaning to mine, it was just supposed to mean me. I suppose now I look at it as the name of my creative self. And there you have it.

Anyway, as the subtitle suggests, I am very much an air elemental, in the sense that windswept adventure is the stuff of my dreams and I treasure my free spirit and thought; following the scattered whims of my imagination and ethereal strands of thought. I would give almost anything to go on one of the adventures I read about only in fantasy novels (complete with happy ending, of course). I would at least like to travel to several different places around the world, but since I can’t do either (too poor), I write! Yeah okay…I’d probably write anyway. This is also one reason behind why I read.  I also really love earthy settings and feel most alive when surrounded by nature, as above.

I also have a BA in Psychology and consider writing as a very therapeutic practice.

For the bare facts, I am a 32-year-old mother of a 12-year-old boy and I have a loving husband several years older than me.  We also have an all black, partial-siamese American shorthair cat named Yin, two partial-siamese tabby (black and orange) brothers named Pounce and Mew, and an Eastern Painted turtle named Leo.  For a vague idea of our home life, there’s lots of love and laughter in this place where weird is one of the highest forms of compliment.

I have many passions and interests.  Stick around and read, you’ll likely see many reflected on the page.  Anything more about me is just catering to my tendency to over-explain.  So, enjoy your stay and thank you for reading!


Saronai with her family: Michael (son) and Delos (husband).  Photo taken by Diana Hall (Saronai’s cousin).

Banner photo also taken by Diana Hall.  Elf Saronai photo taken by her sister, Julie Dittmar.

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