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In Sarah’s Yard

I run up and push a swing.  “Did you see that?!”  I point at the still moving object, my heart thrums in my ears and a chill races up my legs, tingling at my ears. “A demon!”  Sarah shouts, feigning … Continue reading

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The Hideout

Trees, most only a foot-thick, stretched forever ahead, promising adventure.  “Stay out of the woods,”  Monet repeated her aunt’s warning before she sent them all outside. Monet didn’t mind, she loved it outside at her cousin’s new house, hidden in … Continue reading


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Beauty and the Cockleburr

Memory Monday! Today, I reach into a file of memories labeled, “Grandma Linderman’s.”  The movie theatre in my head has played them each day since my cousin, Nicki, called last week.  Most of my memories there involve her, you see. … Continue reading

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The Loyal Heart: A Book Review

Spoilers and spoiler hints may follow.  My first ever, official book review on Muse Sings goes to Merry Farmer, whose book just hit kindle and Smashwords recently.  The Loyal Heart.  You can find it at… Smashwords (all formats of the … Continue reading

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All in the Wings

Summer in North Carolina, though hot and sticky, presents a rich wildlife experience.  My mother took us on adventures that year, but the marshes and swamps presented the best photo ops. There’s something amazing about seeing specific animals in the … Continue reading

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Prophetic Paradoxy

“So, what’s the prophecy?” Azarial settled in the shadows just beyond the light of the fire, his back against an enormous oak three times his width; his dark skin nearly a match to the bark.  One of the curved blades … Continue reading

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