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Virtually Awesome Gifting

The family who games together stays together.  In fact, that reminds me, I forgot about sharing some recent work I commissioned from a few artists I follow.  It’s even on topic because I paid for it with virtual currency.  So, … Continue reading

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Fickle, Fickle Muse

As I already mentioned in my last post, it’s Nanowrimo time!  Supposed to write a 50k+ word novel during November.  As usual, my muse dislikes being forced to write just because everyone else is doing it.  I’ve not been letting … Continue reading

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Here I am!  Sorry about how frequently I neglect my blog.  I honestly plan on finishing Silent Rain, and hopefully posting more often in the future. No new Silent Rain post today though, I plan for more episodes starting in … Continue reading

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Journaled for Credit

Sorry I’m late again.  I really will try not to make this a habit, but at least I am getting the posts out on the right day, even if you all are having trouble predicting the time.  My sleep got … Continue reading

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In the Rain

In several posts, you may find mention of my love for rain.  Many of my favourite memories involve playing in a stormless rain, or getting caught out in it.  I find it beautiful and calming.  A light sprinkle blessed my … Continue reading

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Liebster Award Fun!

A few days ago, I hopped online for a very pleasant surprise.  My first blog award!  I just got awarded the Liebster (German for favourite) by AG at Regected Riter. I did my liebster homework and found that it’s an … Continue reading

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So Much More Than Sitting

This post can be summed up quite succinctly by quoting Angela Koh, whom I follow on twitter:  Writing is inner discipline, years of constant reflection, anguish, tears, a mountain beyond the temporal, please don’t tell me I just “sit” Lately, … Continue reading


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