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REAL Books

Still working on the series.  The good news is, I want to make sure I don’t leave long stretches of time between each part of whatever blog series I decide to run.  I also want a finished outline for the … Continue reading

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Regent’s Turmoil (CI1)

Welcome to the first ever CI (character interview) on Muse Sings!  The idea is to find another writer who wants to play and have them pick a character for me to interview.  They may need help fleshing out the character, … Continue reading

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Gida’s Reminder

~ Sharing an older (never published) snippet of Alasgida’s story with you today.  Gida is my human rogue in the game World of Warcraft.  Illumyn is a friend’s kaldorei priestess. ~ A soft melody mingled with the breeze flowing among … Continue reading

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