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Around the Harry Potter World

  In the Harry Potter series, JK Rowling created a fantastic wizarding world many around the world (myself included) enjoy.  We even read (and/or watched) sample tastes of the wizarding world in France and Norway/Sweden (with students from as far … Continue reading

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Silent Rain: Notes

I missed Monday’s post *flail* and what?  Now no new installment of Silent Rain either?  “Notes,” phwaa, what am I playing at anyway?  Well the short excuse:  My whole household apparently loves visiting colds so much, this particular one circulated … Continue reading

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Muggle Malaise

I know I promised a fiction bite every Friday and my New Year’s resolution was to keep on top of my blog posts.  All I can really say is my son stayed home sick today and my days of the … Continue reading

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Following is an older snippet involving my World of Warcraft characters, Kalshen (kaldorei hunter) and Lesara (kaldorei priestess).  I abandoned this particular story thread shortly after creation.  I thought it’d be fun to post it anyway. Ripples danced around the bobbing … Continue reading

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