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Silent Rain 11: Ren

Silent Rain Silent Rain Episode 11:  Ren By the time Lesara finished wading through tasks and arrangements needing her attention, she found the human boy already washed and dressed in a robe large enough it served as a blanket.  He … Continue reading

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First “Date” Jitters

Not mine though.  I’m writing to whole-heartedly apologize, but no Silent Rain 3 today either. I think I have a good excuse!  I wrote some of it already today, and will finish it tomorrow.  In fact, I plan to write … Continue reading

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Like a Boss

I already missed my cousin, David, when we rolled up to our new home, a two-hour drive from our old one.  I missed all my cousins of course, and now lived closer to others, but David was my first best … Continue reading

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Phoenix Rising

Today’s Fiction Friday features the unpublished work of my close writing buddy, Kyrias.  Her current project’s name?  Estyria.  Estyria follows a character of the same name on her adventures in the fantasy land of her birth.  A land stuck in … Continue reading

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Beauty and the Cockleburr

Memory Monday! Today, I reach into a file of memories labeled, “Grandma Linderman’s.”  The movie theatre in my head has played them each day since my cousin, Nicki, called last week.  Most of my memories there involve her, you see. … Continue reading

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