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Breaking Monotony

Memory Monday Breaking Monotony Back in high school, my junior year (I think) I sat through a common sort of boredom:  Reading an uninteresting play with assigned read-aloud parts.  We took our turns in the silent agreement of force, reading … Continue reading

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This Lazy, No-good Writer Still Lives

Yep, still alive.  Still working on the next episodes of Silent Rain.  I confess I painted myself into a bit of a corner and rather than throw some fancily sloppy footwork together escaping it, I’m trying to beat it into … Continue reading

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More of Me to Love

More of Me to Love:  A review of Wendy Shanker’s The Fat Girl’s Guide to Life First:  Anyone interested enough to check out this book and read my review might also be interested in visiting the Council on Size and … Continue reading

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Love at First Write

Happy 2012 to all of us! I’m back and hopefully with renewed drive after my break. It’s memory Monday at Muse Sings and only the 2nd of January for many of us, myself included. I decided to combine my New … Continue reading

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