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Silent Rain 3: An Emerald Dream

    Silent Rain    Silent Rain Episode 3:  An Emerald Dream “You over-estimate my ability to help.”  Adriala’s tone was flat, but Kalshen thought he detected a note of regret. He remained crouched in front of the emerald pond, … Continue reading

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Blessed Bonds

Brat Yin is a pretty black cat. I very much think she’s a brat. Knocks over the vase, And lies on my face, Whenever I’m taking a nap! An old limerick I wrote about my cat, Yin, who I’m dedicating … Continue reading

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The Shapeshifter

The full moon above bathed everything in a soft glow, painting the city in shades of silver.  Raesa frowned as she looked down from the rooftop of a small building and saw the man below her crinkle his nose as … Continue reading

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