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Breaking Monotony

Memory Monday Breaking Monotony Back in high school, my junior year (I think) I sat through a common sort of boredom:  Reading an uninteresting play with assigned read-aloud parts.  We took our turns in the silent agreement of force, reading … Continue reading

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This Lazy, No-good Writer Still Lives

Yep, still alive.  Still working on the next episodes of Silent Rain.  I confess I painted myself into a bit of a corner and rather than throw some fancily sloppy footwork together escaping it, I’m trying to beat it into … Continue reading

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Muggle Malaise

I know I promised a fiction bite every Friday and my New Year’s resolution was to keep on top of my blog posts.  All I can really say is my son stayed home sick today and my days of the … Continue reading

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The Loyal Heart: A Book Review

Spoilers and spoiler hints may follow.  My first ever, official book review on Muse Sings goes to Merry Farmer, whose book just hit kindle and Smashwords recently.  The Loyal Heart.  You can find it at… Smashwords (all formats of the … Continue reading

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Following is an older snippet involving my World of Warcraft characters, Kalshen (kaldorei hunter) and Lesara (kaldorei priestess).  I abandoned this particular story thread shortly after creation.  I thought it’d be fun to post it anyway. Ripples danced around the bobbing … Continue reading

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Liebster Award Fun!

A few days ago, I hopped online for a very pleasant surprise.  My first blog award!  I just got awarded the Liebster (German for favourite) by AG at Regected Riter. I did my liebster homework and found that it’s an … Continue reading

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A Year of Reading 2006

Well, I totally lost my record of 2005, so even though I read that year, I’m not listing it. A new year, it’s still January and it’s time to start fresh! Currently Reading The Midnight Disease: The Drive to Write, … Continue reading

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