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Kitty Love

Fiction Friday presents a short story I wrote a few years ago and tried to cycle out.  I’m not sure any market exists for it without major changes.  Also, sorry I’m late.  My chest cold chose more sleep and late … Continue reading

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Blessed Bonds

Brat Yin is a pretty black cat. I very much think she’s a brat. Knocks over the vase, And lies on my face, Whenever I’m taking a nap! An old limerick I wrote about my cat, Yin, who I’m dedicating … Continue reading

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Gida’s Reminder

~ Sharing an older (never published) snippet of Alasgida’s story with you today.  Gida is my human rogue in the game World of Warcraft.  Illumyn is a friend’s kaldorei priestess. ~ A soft melody mingled with the breeze flowing among … Continue reading

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